Clickbait Ethics and Sex workers in the media

If you have picked up a newspaper or flicked through Netflix or even scrolled down your Facebook feed in you will be inundated by photos of disembodied fishnet-clad legs in red high heels, coupled with loaded headlines that make me want to reach through my computer screen and throttle whoever is writing this trash.

We get it, you hate us.

So because I’m some kind of emotional masochist, I’ve been keeping track of all of the sex worker stories over the last month just to see if things have gotten better in terms of representation in the media (it hasn’t). This tirade of quality journalism kicked off with a heartwarming, well thought out and articulate… wait, never mind. The Independent published This literal garbage fire, titled “Pregnant women are being legally pimped out for sex – this is the lowest form of capitalism”


As a sex worker who works under legalisation, I think I rolled my eyes so hard that they detached from the back of my skull. That one line managed to strip this sub-contractor of her agency and misinform the public on the safety of having penetrative sex while pregnant. I know plenty of pregnant workers, and honestly? They make bank. What I don’t understand is that the article clearly has a bias against how capitalism works, and yet demonises those who have found a way to make the best of a shitty system. What other industry can circumvent class, education and disability like the sex industry?


Read the rest of the article here…


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