There is a growing trend among white women, which is kind of pissing me off for a multitude of reasons.

You know the kind.

The 20-something yoga pant wearing, smoothie-bowl and inspirational-quote posting fanatics who talk about nothing except the benefits of coconut oil and living at ‘a higher vibration’.

At first I thought this crowd was my people, because I had a few interactions that were extremely positive and encouraged open discussion around things like masturbation, self-care, mental illness and body image. Which I’m totally down for.

What I wasn’t down for was the eventual slut-shaming when anything other than monogamy was discussed, or even worse the concept of casual sex with multiple partners. What’s that? You ‘let’ your partner watch pornography?? HOW DAMAGING!!!1

Sex is sacred, the body is a temple, blah blah blah. I get it, your pseudo-elitism is based on Christian morality and everyone else is doing it wrong except for you.

So unfortunately my sexuality/relationship coaching business has fallen to the wayside for now, as I am a little disenchanted with the group of people that I thought I would be working with.

Am I just being a brat? Probably.

Do I have a million other ideas that I can chase that won’t make me roll my eyes everytime I hear the word ‘yoni’?

Ugghhhhhh yes.


4 thoughts on “Insta-brat

  1. Oh that’s exactly what I’ve been going through this year. I feel so disenchanted but still happy with my life choices.


    1. I love some of the people I have met through this community and had some great conversations, but holy crap the judgement that emanates is astounding.


      1. It really is. I just see it as fear. They want to be open minded and enlightened but can’t let it go.


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