Meat-space philosophy



There is a certain arrogance in apathy that has always gotten to me. Just like people playing ‘devil’s advocate’, the conscious choice to ignore the implications of opinions for the sake of self-congratulatory wank circle of intellectual elitism. Political correctness has become a dirty word and people have forgotten why it became a thing in the first place, why it is absolutely necessary to call people out on their microaggressions that contribute to larger issues.

While I understand nihilism to a certain extent, standing on the sidelines and living as though nothing matters is a luxury afforded only to a small percentage of the population. It is such a fucking cliche for the young white guy to sit back and just throw up their hands and go ‘it’s all fucked and go back to sharing memes about cats.

It’s just so easy to be complacent and indifferent when there is no direct consequence on your daily standard of living.

Suddenly morals and ethics become a matter of hypothetical debate among your other equally privileged middle class white friends, as you sit around your parents outdoor setting, fermenting in your own stench of hydroponic pot and mediocrity.

Yes, things are fucked. We probably won’t even see issues such as racism or sexism resolved in our lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. So get off the couch and out of your self-indulgent pseudo depression and do something about it. Write, create, draw, paint, sing, yell, march and get your voice heard by as many people as will listen. Show the fuck up.



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