“Just remember the entire world isn’t our burden. We can and should fight these things but we can’t and shouldn’t take on all of the fear and pain of everything everywhere. Be angry and world weary but take care of yourself. Your voice is needed in the long term so don’t burn yourself out.”

One of my best friends sent me this message yesterday.

I have been asked by a few different people this week about my opinions on the American election results, and I would be lying if I said that it hadn’t affected me. I have spent the last couple of days feeling depressed; defeated and frustrated, walking a fine line between using the fire to drive me forward and letting it consume me completely.

People everywhere not quite understanding how it affects people outside of the US, what it means for minorities and oppressed people everywhere. I admittedly didn’t quite understand the effect that it would have until I started seeing suicide prevention alerts flooding my feeds, and friends experiencing some pretty nasty shit at the hands of people who are feeling justified in their hatred.

Suddenly that wall of separation from outside events seemed a hell of a lot thinner.

We have a lot of privilege because we don’t live in the US, however racism, homophobia and misogyny has never been isolated simply by sea. This affects everyone, and it has already sparked so much fear, hatred and violence.

People in the LGBTIA+ community who are more afraid than ever to simply exist.

A sharp incline of suicide and self harm among trans friends who feel as if the bully has won.

Awful racial attacks against black and muslim people, that are going to increase even more now.

Sexual assault survivors losing their voice and their will to fight.

People with privilege are telling us not to be angry, to accept that this is just the way things are now.

I have said it before and I will say it again.


I refuse to play passive and watch my friends be attacked by abusers who have just been given community and endorsement of the highest order. Sometimes you can’t just accept what is and sometimes you can’t fight hatred with love.Yes, self care is important and it is easy to get swallowed up in the shittiness of the world, to think that your voice can’t change anything. But it can, even if you don’t see the results immediately you can plant seeds and make people question why they have those beliefs in the first place.

So take care of yourself and each other, do what you have to do to be safe. This is going to spark a series of events that is going to be the catalyst for change, that is for certain.

We just gotta be louder.





One thought on “Defiance.

  1. Yes you are spot on, if the good people of the world, think the US election will only affect those in the US, they are in for a big shock. There are a lot of people out there in the rest of the plant, that feel, if it’s OK in the US, it’s OK everywhere, regardless of whether it be socially, morally, or just plan wrong. The few should not use politics as there personal tool, enforce their own narrow views on the majority. Government is about severing the people, and all the people, not just the select few. I feel that in the long run, the US and the rest of the plant, will long remember the 8th November 2016, as a that should never have happened.


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