Dahlia, 24 **NEW TO INDUSTRY**


One of the biggest selling points in a brothel is being new. Not new to that particular parlor, but new to the industry. Plenty of workers use it in their advertising, or in their intro. It gets attention, for all of the wrong reasons.

Every brothel worker I know would probably agree that one of the most common questions is without a doubt “so have you been doing this long?” Not because the person is trying to make conversation, but because it factors into their decision making. They want fresh meat. They want the new girl. They want someone that they can take advantage of, who maybe won’t make them pay extras or who will be easily persuaded into giving them more time. The first thing that I got told by the receptionist on my first night was to NEVER TELL ANYONE YOU ARE NEW. For this exact reason.

I tend to conduct little social experiments on my clients at brothels, because I generally know what questions are coming.

“How old are you?” “Have you been doing this long?” “Do you do anything else?” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “What do your parents think?” etc.

Generally in that order.

I tend to play dumb, giggle and ask why it matters.

“Oh, you know those workers who you can just tell have been in the industry for way too long?”

No, no I don’t. *twirls hair*

“Y’know, they aren’t really into it anymore. It’s all ‘not allowed to do that’, ‘that costs extra’ or they just get the job done and kick you out the door when your hour’s up. They don’t even want to talk.”

I don’t think it is possible for me to roll my eyes that much.

Having personal boundaries? What a turn-off.

I don’t know if these people understand how sex works. It isn’t like we keep our vaginas in the fridge and the longer we leave it out the less sexy it gets. They don’t stretch into oblivion the more penises are put inside it. The only thing that lessens with experience is our patience to put up with shitty clients.

Of course, most of my clientele now are absolutely lovely and respectful. I may be a bitter old wh*re but I can’t put up with that bullshit much these days, at least not with a straight face.

But every time I do go to a new parlor, I still advertise myself as being new. Just for shits and giggles.

Sorry not sorry.


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